The Truth Hurts

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My father-in-law would give this to his sellers.  After all these years somethings don’t change; relevant than and certainly relevant now.

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Truffles, Tidbits and Wine Tasting

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Very fun event in Pleasanton…

“Truffles, Tidbits and Wine Tasting” will be held on Thursday, February 3, 2011 from 6 – 9pm at participating downtown Pleasanton businesses.  Wine strollers will receive a commemorative wine glass and map.  This year’s event will kick off at Chase Bank, 561 Main Street. Tickets must be redeemed by 7:30pm.  If there are any tickets available the day of the event, they will be sold at Chase Bank beginning at 5:45pm.  Wineries will be pouring red and white wines, ports, dessert wines and champagnes. Each participating business will feature sweet treats and/or hors d’oeuvres to pair with the selections being poured.  Don’t wait until the last minute to purchase your tickets! Only eight hundred (800) tickets will be offered for this event and will be available for advance purchase beginning Thursday, January 6, 2011 for $25.00.

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Dry Rot

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It’s so important to keep your gutters clean of debris and make sure they aren’t leaking.  This particular home had old redwood gutter that were in good shape for the most part but because of years of neglect the water slowly destroyed the underlying wood.  Once a simple fix, now an estimate of over $40,000 to repair the extensive dry rot damage.  According to the pest control company who did the inspection, most is not all of the damage could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

Don’t put off the little things as they will surely add up one day…

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Tianne Rinetti-Vittoria, Interior Design

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It’s official…

Tianne has launched her interior design business called Interior Visions.  After years of helping clients, family and friends she now in the business of helping everyone.

Read on..

Once a concept, then a dream, and eventually a small business.  Interior Visions was created from my personal experience of assisting others on how to create & arrange a space, office, room or home, better suited for the space, functionality & appeal, while still incorporating their personal things.

Many of us live in a space or see our things in a certain way which makes it difficult to imagine a room, office or home any other way. Some of us feel as though it would cost to much money to change things, update things, get ride of things or buy things with out it being to costly.  Other of us may not want to part with items that no longer fit our life style but have a sentimental attachment or function that we cannot do without.   What ever the case may be change is hard and sometimes seems unattainable.  That is where I come in.  Since I can remember I have always been able to visually rearrange, visualize and conceptualize space in my head.  What I would do with the furnishings, what I would add, subtract, move or delete.  With some (what I call) “tinkering”, I can usually create a completely different feel, environment, space with not only the things that were originally in the room, but with minor additions or subtractions to it.

Interior Visions is something I have always had a drive to do, even before I entered into Real Estate in 1999.  A graduate from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo with a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Textiles, I found myself assisting many family and friends and eventually clients on how to arrange their homes, rooms and offices to better suit the space and visual needs.   It’s one of those things not everyone loves to do or has time for, for me, it is both.

If you are interested in a consultation please feel free to give me a call, I’d love to help.

Tianne Rinetti-Vittoria

Cell (510) 329-4158

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Albert J Rinetti, Feb. 25, 1934 – Sept. 2, 2010

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.Al was the founder of Rinetti & Co., but he was so much more than that.  He mentored countless agents (some that didn’t even work for him).  His drive and passion for professionalism were the hallmark of his career.  Never one to mince words he often said it like it was, much to the chagrin of his daughter, but clients seemed to respect that and praise him for his candor.  More than one occasion we looked at each other and said “only Al could get away with saying that”.

He taught us more than business etiquette and real estate practices, he was a proponent of good manners, exceptional listening skills, and how to diffuse a tension filled moment in time.  From his dress to the way he carried himself to the way he made others feel about themselves, he was the embodiment of class.  I watched people light up when he walked into a room, or go out of there way to shake hands with him.  Always gracious and never one to back away from a friendly conversation Al taught me what it is to be a genuine person.

Forget his business acumen, Al made people around him better.  Better for knowing him and sharing in his life.  As much as I will miss his vast wealth of knowledge I miss the man ten times more.  He has played a huge role in our lives and we thank him for leaving such a profound positive impact on each and every one of us.

To a life well lived…cheers Al.

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...As I am sure you are aware, a house is stucco, wood and nails, but a home is where a lifetime of memories are created. Our mother was very proud of her home, it meant so much to her.

- Trent B.

...Thanks for your patience, guidance & professionalism, you made this experience a great one that we will never forget...We can’t thank you enough, thanks a bunch!!! - Rocio R.

If anyone in the East Bay is looking to buy or sell a home, please consider my friends and agents Tianne Rinetti-Vittoria and Perry Vittoria! They helped us buy our house and did an amazing job! They go above and beyond.”

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