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At 42 years old and with the last 12 of those years as a Realtor, I find myself reflecting on the “Good Old Days” as a San Leandro Realtor.  Those days for me (as a Realtor) began back in 1999! I had just moved back from my college town that I found hard to leave (San Luis Obispo).  I  had just gotten my real estate license, my Dad was my Broker, my brother Derek was my co-worker and the real estate market was starting to trend upwards.  I had a great foundation laid out for me.  Rinetti & Company Realtors, had been around for over 30 years at that time, my Dad had opened the doors at 598 Victoria Court, San Leandro, back in 1970. He loved what he did and worked hard at what he loved!  He was well respected, very  involved and embraced his community.  Real Estate had always had its ups & downs and my Dad  had also experienced those tough trends in the  industry (70’s, 80’s, 90’s ….).  My Dad also always stressed the importance of commitment, honesty, integrity and customer service.  He believed that if you could embody all of those things and do them well, that during the tough times (such as now) one could survive.  He was very watchful with the dollar, conservative with his investments but always generous with his time, experience and love for the business. The fundamentals of the business that he believed real estate should always stem from. Something we continue to achieve today.

Present-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Now looking back, what seemed so stressful at the time, was truly great!  Who would have known that downward dip in the real estate industry in 2007 would turn into the downward spiral that has stricken this country to its very core today. I think collectively all of us riding the success wave didn’t realize how good things were.   Today it seems that the fundamentals of real estate have been tossed aside in many cases, our economy is truly upside down, I lost  my Dad to cancer,  my brother moved his family to Colorado and many of us are struggling to keep our jobs, homes and our sanity. I personally have decided to limit the time I take to read, watch & listen to the news these days as  most broadcasts could send a person back to bed for the day!  Big banks are reporting astronomic earnings, qualified buyers trying to buy a home and are finding it difficult to get a loan, sellers are finding it difficult to sell their homes for the prices the market will procure and we squeaked by a recent government shut down!  Some times I wonder, will this doom & gloom end?  It makes one wonder what could possibly happen next? Can it get worse? And what happened to our common link….                     “The American Dream”? Is it no longer a shared strand between us all?


Those at times are tough questions to answer. The crystal ball for the industry, life & the economy has all but been replaced by the reality of our environment.  I myself have decided to prepare for another tough few years in the real estate industry and the economy as a whole.  However, at the same time I am extremely optimistic and hopeful that the economists are wrong and the low side of business is behind us.  I am hopeful that jobs will continue to be more readily available for those who have lost them,the BIG banks begin sharing their wealth, the government starts working for the people, and the fundamentals of life come together once again.  I’m hoping that the spirit within us all can stay strong even in these challenging times.  May the passion for a better & brighter future be vigorously fought for, as our parents, parents did.  Change is obviously inevitable and I have personally experience much of that this past year.  It is some times a gut-wrenching experience for many of us, for me it was.   Maybe if we can embrace these changes, look at them as valuable experiences and learn from them we can navigate to a better time for all.   A wise man once showed me through action and love that life was a wonderful place, but it wasn’t without fault. So, I am truly hopeful for all of our futures, I will continue to reflect and learn from the past, so that I too can make a difference today.  I hope the same for all of you too!


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